every little thing u do, i just can let it be
Sorry is such easy word to say but it's not an easy word to accept it, but when we've mistake, it's only the best word to say..I don’t think there’s anything I can say here that I haven’t said to u already. But I’d like to say it again in a more articulate manner with the hope that I might reiterate how truly sorry I am...
I cannot retract what I said. I can only offer infinite apologies....i've my own reason for that...u know that already...i will never let u fall..i'll be there for u through it all..even if saving u send me through heaven..Do the best for the last paper...May Allah blessing u..

“ Orang yang menyembunyikan perasaan rindu sebegini kepada seseorang yang dirinduinya maka jika dia mati dalam keadaan tersebut akan mendapat ganjaran seumpama golongan Syahid akhirat”.

~ Nur ILahi ~
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